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post DOH 350 – Rebound Week

November 11th, 2016, 1:16 pm

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After a terrible week at home, the Sharks go on the road and win against two playoff teams.


5 Comments to “DOH 350 – Rebound Week”

  1. James says:

    Sharks are playing well right now. Definitely agree that Dell needs to play a lot more. I think we should expect the Sharks to take the division, but regarding your conversation about the Oilers, they do look good enough to make the playoffs, albeit make a likely early exit. Do you think the Sharks could let both Jumbo and Burnzie have a nod-wink contract extension get signed after the expansion draft? Sounds awful risky. Another crazy, yet legit question: Could Shea Weber win the Norris this year? I mean, the guy is playing on a mission, with a vengeance. The trade and negative press had clearly motivated him.

  2. Hector says:

    I am officially concerned that PDB is overplaying Jones. Doing the math, Jones is currently on pace to start 72 games. Obviously, this is not possible! If the GM put Dell on the roster as the backup, play the guy, or get someone else. Dell looked good vs the Canes. Give the kid a chance, or go out on the market.

    In other news, these names for the Vegas team are absolutely, embarrassingly, horrible. I completely agree with Mike that new NHL team names tend to be incredibly lame. Las Vegas Knights would have been cool – short, a pun, and a great potential mascot. But apparently the London Knights won’t allow it, which of course makes sense. If it is indeed the Dessert Knights, that instantly becomes the worst moniker in the league, bar none. As Mike said, if you’re going to open a franchise in a city with all of the unique character of Vegas, don’t ignore it, use it. Aces, Outlaws, Rattlesnakes, just about anything is better. Why the hell would a knight be in the desert?

    • Havoc says:

      Golden Knights!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ….. But seriously, what an embarrassment.

      • James says:

        Logo isn’t too bad, but the name is. I felt certain it would be Silver Knights, for the silver state. Disagree with Hector a bit – Blue Jackets is a great recent expansion name. But Golden Knights is bad, so bad.

        • Teddy says:

          i think we’ll be thanking the Knights at the end of the season for taking Boedker off our books. With that and Marleau’s contract gone, DW will have some serious free agent coin. Resign Jumbo, then add Oshie?

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