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post DOH 359 – Skid

March 23rd, 2017, 3:53 pm

Filed under: podcast — Written by Mike

The Sharks, after a great run where they gathered points in almost every game, now have lost four straight in regulation.  What ails them, and what does this mean for the playoffs?


9 Comments to “DOH 359 – Skid”

  1. Philthethrill says:


  2. James says:

    Love the optimism, but these days the Sharks look lifeless. I don’t think they could beat anyone in a series unless something major happens. Still maintain the Oilers will win the division. Would love to see Hertl get a go on the top line. Just get 1 line going, for goodness sake.

    • Matty says:

      so disappointed in the sharks this year. the ducks have a tough remaining schedule. it would really suck, but yes i too can see the oilers winning the division. tmac’s revenge!

      if the sharks don’t make it out of the first round, they could be the canucks in the years after they lost the cup. it was a slow downward spiral to the where they’re at now, all because they never had replacements for the sedins. in this case, the sedins are jumbo and patty.

  3. Tom says:

    After tonight’s embarrassment, you should have titled this podcast skid-MARK.

    • James says:

      I’ve never seen anything like this. Did the Avs’s roster somehow put on the Sharks’ jerseys? And what on Earth is up with Burns and Martin?

  4. Taylor says:

    Can’t recall seeing a player’s game decline as suddenly as Burns’ in the last month. He’s gone from Hart candidate to a defensive liability every time he’s on the ice. Nomination yes, but no way he wins the Norris. Of course, the losses are not all his fault. For a team that is supposed to have gotten faster, the Sharks look noticeably slower than their opponents.

  5. Teddy says:

    People are already writing the Sharks season obituary as the Hawks will crush them in the playoffs.

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