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post DOH 362 – One Good, One Bad

April 15th, 2017, 12:41 pm

Filed under: podcast — Written by Mike

The Sharks win one in Edmonton, which is cause for celebration, but lose game 2 in an embarrassing fashion, which is cause for concern.


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  1. Ruben says:

    Gotta disagree with Mike on the Haley talk. Haley has not shown an ability to a) deter any type of physicality on the Sharks players throughout the year, nor b) play physically or “respond” to physicality against the Sharks in a way that does not lead to minor penalties for him. Having him in the lineup would simply give the Oilers and extra PP or two during the game, likely when the outcome is still in doubt. Unlike the Sharks, the Oilers PP will make Haley pay for those types of antics. It is cutting off your nose to spite your face. Feeling better about a loss because Haley runs Draisilt is still dealing with a loss. As the Sharks proved last year, there is only one deterrent for that kind of garbage play, and it isn’t bringing a boxer to a hockey game.

    Otherwise, great episode. Meier and Hertl have been great and should be playing much more. Unfortunate to see Pavelski again doing his playoff Jekyll and Hyde impression after such a great run last year. Marleau was pretty physical in G3, was nice to see some fire from him, he is the only one that looks like his regular self on the PP, so of course he is the first one pulled off the top unit whenever PDB wants to change things up.

    • James says:

      I agree with Doug 100% – the Sharks lack of response is hugely disappointing. To me, it shows this isn’t a cohesive team. Sadly, this feels like one of those first-round series where you say, Who cares – neither of these teams is going anywhere this postseason.

      • Ruben says:

        Ahh, you are right, it was Doug making that argument.

        In any case, obviously there was a good response in G4. Narratives are a funny thing in sports…

  2. Taylor says:

    It’s incredible to think if we had even a 17% pp, we’d be up 2-1 in the series.

  3. Matty says:

    Mike is right that Couture has not been so bad w/ his injury he should sit, but he I don’t think he is helathy enough to be the #2 center. I’d like to bring back the Boedker-Hertl-Hansen like and make it their second line, then Couture as the 3rd line center. Couture would face weaker competition and he might score. I don’t understand what Labanc did to be benched. I would have him higher on my depth chart than Meier or Sorenson. He was playing on the top line for a bit, for goodness’ sake.

    • Radim says:

      Agreed. PDB has made some questionable lineup moves. Boedker and Labanc are held to a different standard. Neither has played at their full potential recently, but they’re both better offensive weapons than Sorenson. Agree w/ Doug re Haley. Ok, Haley’s got bad corsi, but there’s no stat for “always sticks up for his teammate” or “never gives less than 100%.”

  4. James says:

    Give credit when due: tonight PDB gave us entirely new lines. Who would have thought the solution for the top LW was old Patty. Once the top line became lethal, everything started to click. And of course, it all started with a goal by Pavs. Now, can they do it again on Thursday in Edmonton? And is Jerry Rice available for Game 6?

    • Ruben says:

      Shoot, fly Rice with the team, sit him on the bench, whatever works!

      And, yeah, Marleau on the top line is something that I hadn’t even considered despite them being very effective together in the past. Hertl-Meier were wrecking balls out there, too, they completely dominated the possession battle against McDavid (along with Vlasic-Braun).

      Exciting game for tonight…

  5. James says:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but for me game 5 was even more frustrating to watch than game 3. First, how does Draisaitl avoid suspension for intentionally stabbing Tierney in the “groin” with his stick? Similar to Crosby, he gets off because he’s a star and then plays his best game of the series. Second, coach: your team just won the most lopsided playoff victory in franchise history – don’t change the lineup/lines! And third, how ’bout that officiating? 1 pp for the Sharks? Against an Oilers team that took 8 in the last game? What a joke. Interference seems to be unofficially out of the rulebook, giving us round 2’s “Cure For Insomnia Series” aka “The Great Trap Series” – Blues v. Preds. I’m salty!

  6. Matty says:

    I’d like to blame the injuries, or the refs, or the coach, but from a sheer armchair coach perspective, it looks like the Sharks are the far deeper team, but the Oilers want it more. In Game 5 they were willed on by that crowd. Unless the Sharks match or exceed the Oilers’ effort, their season will end tomorrow.

  7. James says:

    PDB praising Jumbo playing with a torn MCL and ACL is horrible. Ratto’s recent article was correct – this quasi-macho culture of playing w/ potential career-ending injuries isn’t good for anyone. Now Jumbo has what, 9 months recovery/rehab? He should have undergone season-ending surgery right after the diagnosis. The Sharks are in danger of becoming the Canucks, who also made the cup with an aging core, got bounced in the first round the following year, and had their aging stars’ contracts drag them down. Jumbo and Patty, I love you, and you were amazing to watch, but I don’t want to see you back. You had your shot, you came close last year, but it’s a new NHL, a faster NHL, and we need a true rebuild now.

    • Tom says:

      As far as your last points – I agree.

      It’s time to move on from this core. I’d not resign #19 and #12 unless theyre willing to do under 3.5M on one year deals.

      And I’d consider trading Joe Pavelski. I bet we could get a top ten pick, a top prospect (#10) and a young player. At 32, turning 33 this summer, he’s gonna be too old for the next run of youth. Why not trade him now at peak value and start rebuilding around Couture and Herll and the other younger players?

      • JP says:

        Agreed about moving on from Thornton and Marleau.

        As for Pavelski, he’s got a NTC. You think he’d waive it? My guess is no but maybe he’d agree if they were in full rebuild and he went to a contender.

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