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post DOH 365 – Roster Review – Forwards

May 29th, 2017, 1:41 pm

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The dudes review the forward corps, and make some crazy trade proposals.


6 Comments to “DOH 365 – Roster Review – Forwards”

  1. James says:

    Bummer you are recording so rarely these days. I liked the Crazy Trades segment. But no way would I do Doug’s deal. Couture is a better player than Henrique. He doesn’t even play center for the Devils right now and if we trade Couture we’d need a center in return. I would do Mike’s deal if Vegas does not take a D man which is unlikely considering Dillon is a good fit as Doug has said. Anyway, I doubt the Avs would agree due to Braun’s age. “Hockey trades” tend to be players of the same age and this was why we all said the Habs lost the Subban trade. The best case scenario is essentially swapping Marleau + cash for Oshie, by which I mean let Marleau go and overpay Oshie for 5 years. Regarding the finals, I don’t think you can win against the Pens world class centers without your top line center. Pens in 6.

  2. S. Thomson says:

    Have to say crazy trades weren’t that crazy, loved the segment but the craziest part of it was trading away 39. I agree with James above Henrique for Couture is a loss for the sharks. They absolutely should not make that deal, he also has a NTC where he can give the team a list of 3 teams he wants to go to and I doubt the Avs would make the list . For the sharks to get another kick at the can which seems to be the mindset of the org, PDB commented about the long offseason being good for the team and Jumbo coming back over the weekend, they can’t afford to get rid of Logan. Adding Landeskog and giving up Couture seems like a very lateral move, but getting him with Braun + pick and prospect (Colorado’s asking prices seem to be on the high side) would make the sharks a lot better without hurting their depth on D too much. The word is Oshie and the caps are very close to a deal, personally I’m not too high on him either he’s going to be Ryan Callahan 2.0.

    Here Is my Crazy trade: The sharks send Braun+’17 1st +’18 1st + Mueller + Bergman to colorado for Landeskog & Duchene Thats just about what Marleau and Thornton Cost and you add 2 legitimate first liners to the team and the sharks have a top 6 of Hansen Duchene pavelski & Landeskog Coutoure Hertl(Very sexy) with 3 ish million to sign Tierney & some goon to help DW sleep at night. Maybe Colorado considers that trade if you swap Braun with Vlasic, in that case I still think you do it.

  3. Tom says:

    The Fourth period is reporting that Chicago is shopping Niklas Hjalmarsson…

    In thinking what DW would do… we all know he went after him in the past. ?? Perhaps.

  4. James says:

    I hope the Sharks are in on Drouin and / or Galchenyuk. Apparently Stevie Y wants a top-4 D man. Braun + a 3rd for Drouin would be perfect. Put him on the top line with Jumbo and Pavs, then let Patty move on. Wow, that would be some top line.

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