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post DOH 369 – D & G

September 6th, 2017, 1:07 pm

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The Dudes preview the defensive and goaltending corps this week, and discuss the recent Kevin Kurz article.


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  1. James says:

    It’s great to have the Dudes back. I think you guys are giving DW too much credit. It’s pretty clear to me he is not willfully rebuilding – he just hasn’t been able to land any forwards he wants. I think he is holding out for a major splash like JVR, Duchene, Landeskog, or even Tavares. Frankly, I don’t see that happening and Mike’s “give the kids 18 minutes” approach sounds pretty good to me – whether by design or by default.

  2. Ian Reid says:

    On the Athletic, I have not yet subscribed but with the growing collection of great people behind this paywall I have a hard time seeing myself not subscribing before the season is out.

  3. Havoc says:

    I’d be pleasantly surprised if Meier, Donskoi, or Sorenson become solid top-6 contributers, i.e. 20 goal-scorers with great 2-way play. Of the younger players, I think Labanc has the most upside. He has a high work ethic and a certain toughness I don’t see in the others, who are in the European mold DW has fallen for in disappointments like Goldobin, Ekman, and Boedker.

    The optimist in me sees a best case scenario where DW pulls off a miracle trade and lands one of those players James mentioned. It could happen. DW is terrible at drafting but has made his living via trades (Burns, Thornton, Jones, Heatley). The Sharks’ D are good enough that adding one of those big name players, plus improved numbers by Couture, Hertl, Thornton, Labanc, and Tierney could make this a decent playoff teams.

    The pessimist in me expects the worst case scenario Doug described. The youngsters get an inadequate window of time to figure it out. When they don’t, DW morgages the future for some temporary goal scorers (the “Jannik Hansen” approach) to get the team into the playoffs, in order to keep regular season ticket sales healthy. But of course, they get wiped out in the first round and we’re facing the same old questions next offseason.

  4. Tyler says:

    I’m curious what position Hertl will play opening night. If the Sharks trust Carpenter enough to start him as the 4th line C, presumably that leaves Tierney as the 3rd line C, and Hertl on the top line where he was a 20-goal scorer.

    If the Sharks think that line is too slow for the today’s NHL, or worry about Carpenter at C, Tierney is the 4th line C and Hertl the 3rd line C. In that case. we’re potentially back to the revolving door of top line LW, which was offensively disastrous for the team last year.

    I hope they put Hertl back on the top line wing. We need at least one line that can consistently score. If you’re going to pay Jumbo $8 mil, you might as well give him 2 wingers who can finish. But I wouldn’t mind if they started Lebanc there and let him play 18 min a night for a month to see how he fares.

    One thing is for sure: I do not want to see Hansen on the second line, ever. Dedicate him to the bottom-6 and let Meier, Lebanc, and yes even Boedker get a crack at playing with Jumbo and Couture.

    • James says:

      I think the main centers will be Jumbo, Couture, Hertl. DW has wanted Hertl to play center and I get the sense that PDB is willing to oblige. Expect another “revolving door” on the top line. It will be interesting to see the approach. Will they late Labanc try the top line LW for a month, a week, or will they just plug Boedker or Karlsson in instead?

      I agree with the media speculation that the Sharks are shopping Tierney, which I don’t like to hear. That’s probably why DW protected Carpenter, who can center. Tierney is such a solid two-way player and as the Dudes have said, he’s never on the pp or on a line with playmakers. Give the kid a shot!

      I’d rather hear we’re trading Hansen. A great two-way player, lots of value, but superfluous on a roster needing a youth infusion and desperate for goal scorers.

      • Tyler says:

        Weird to think how wide open the roster is this year. For example, I could see Labanc starting the season on the top line – or out of the lineup entirely. Here’s my wild, way-too-warly-shot-in-the-dark-but-oh-well guess at PDB’s seasoner opener lines. Not saying I agree, this is just what I think he’ll do.

        Boedker Thornton Pavelski (sends a challenging message to Boedker)
        Hansen Couture Donskoi (Couture needs to score 30 and Donskoi 15 this year)
        Meier Hertl Ward (I like it, size, speed, a little scoring)
        Karlsson Tierney Carpenter (Carpenter switches off w/ Labanc)

        • james says:

          Looks about right, except I’d flip-flop Boedker and Hansen. Just don’t see PDB giving Boedker that many minutes. Putting him on the 2nd line is still a big vote of confidence and a challenge to the player.

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