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post DOH 370 – The Forward Conundrum

September 19th, 2017, 8:11 pm

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The Sharks have a lot of forwards in training camp, and not much clarity as to who will make the opening night roster.  Will some veterans get left behind?  Will a young upstart take the preseason by storm?


12 Comments to “DOH 370 – The Forward Conundrum”

  1. Jim says:

    The Carpenter expansion protection was simply a numbers game. They were always going to protect Couture, Pavs, Hertl, Tierney, Burns, Vlasic and Braun. If they went 8 Skaters they would have been able to protect Dillon too. They went 7F3D so they got Karlsson, Hansen and Carpenter instead of just Dillon. They wanted to expose Boedker and Ward so they had to find a 7th eligible forward to protect.

  2. G-Shark says:

    Dudes, Goodrow was unprotected and could have been selected. He is not unavailable just because he played under 70 games or something. Sure he was available because he was already under contract for more than 2 years.

    There are 14 forward spots on the roster, so Carpenter is a lock and he deserves it. He will get his share of games. 70? Maybe not but a valuable part in any way.

    • Mike says:

      Well, hell. There goes that theory. Now I REALLY can’t explain his lack of use last year, although his 32.4 Fenwick% might be a clue.

      • G-Shark says:

        Yes right and good points. He had bad statistical values, I forgot about that. Maybe I overestimate my eye test over that stretch of 4 games or so at the end of last season. I really liked his physical play there.

        The Fenwick% was really bad. Maybe it had something to do with being on the 4th line with Haley. But on the other hand 4 points in 11 games on the 4th line is not too bad.

        I think he is the number 5 center of the organization and that alone will give him some games. Marleau is not there anymore to take a center spot in case of injuries.

        We will see how it turns out.

        Anyway thank you for your podcast, I really enjoy it for many years now !!!!

      • G-Shark says:

        Damn, I misread your post and thought you were referring to Carpenter and not Goodrow. I think Goodrow probably is just not DeBoer’s guy. From his 77 NHL games he had 60 under McLallen. And last year the Sharks had many additional 4th line alternatives that have not been there in the problematic 14/15 season. As DeBoer likes to have veteran players on his 4th line there is a chance that he now gets another look because he is not that young and green anymore.

    • G-Shark says:

      Goodrow and Carpenter are the only two of the younger players we have that are not Waiver-Exempt. Sorensen, Labanc, O’Regan, Sandberg and Meier can be send down without having to worry to lose them. So I think that gives Goodrow a good chance to stay as number 13 or 14 as well.

      Karlsson is a lock for the lineup not only for the roster.

      If at least one player is on IR to start the season Goodrow we be on the roster anyway.

      If not then they have to send down Labanc. That will be a tough decision. But I think here Doug is right. If they do not see Lebanc in the top 6 to start the season, he will start with the Barracuda.

  3. Madhatter says:

    Sharks need to move some middle grade players or aging vets to make room for spots for the higher ceiling young guys. O’Regan, Labanc, Meier, Heed, Ryan, Carpenter, Sorensen… at least 4/7 of those guys deserve a long look. I’d rather develop them than ice Ward and Martin. Even guys like Karlsson, Donskoi, and Hansen, who are effective players. We have likely seen all there is to see from these guys and while they are decent bottom half roster players, they aren’t game breakers. A couple of the young guys could be with some development if they ever get it.

    • James says:

      I agree totally, but what these kinds of comments do is really get to the question of: What is the goal for the Sharks this year? Are they ok missing the playoffs in order to audition a bunch of young players and give them consistent opportunities to play? Or are they “going for it” and will play veterans like Ward and Hansen 15 min + and we’ll be wondering what Tierney would be like on the pp, or Lebanc and Meir in the top 6, or Goodrow in consistently.

  4. Matthew says:

    On the radio broadcast last night Melker Karlsson “one of the best penalty killers in the league, or at least in the western conference”. Is that true?

    I about fell out of my chair, especially after Le Dudes questioned if he’s even make the roster this week!

    • Mike says:

      That sounds to me like something someone says when they run out of things to say. Karlsson was not used as much as Chris Tierney on the kill last year, and has worse numbers. Also, once Jannik Hansen joined the team, he was used more as well (with a worse GA/60 however).

      The year before, he was used less on the kill (and with worse results) than Matt Nieto. If Karlsson is some sort of hidden PK gem the Sharks are doing a helluva job of hiding him.

  5. Matty says:

    Mike, here’s an idea for the Vegas Draft. Have DOH listeners rank the top 8 teams overall via poll voting on the website. You then have to draft the the top team down, taking the highest-ranked team available. After the top 8 are gone, throw darts.

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