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post DOH 371 – Season Preview 2017-2018

October 1st, 2017, 8:09 pm

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The Sharks still have a lot of questions entering the season, and the Dudes try to put that in context with the rest of the NHL in their season preview and Vegas draft.


6 Comments to “DOH 371 – Season Preview 2017-2018”

  1. Havoc says:

    Nice work boys. Can’t believe the Pens were taken so late. A threepeat is possible. I agree with Doug that the Blue Jackets are dangerous. I’ve been confused about protecing Carpenter too, but as others posted here over the summer, that likely implies the Sharks hope he will overtake Tierney as fourth line C, so DW can deal Tierney for a goal scorer. The team needed to add about 20 goals from last season. Instead, they lost 20 with Marleau. I just don’t see who will score other than Pavs, Burns, and Couture. How much would I like to have Rantanen instead of Meier right now. I am rooting for Leblanc to score this year. Go Sharks!

    • James says:

      Sorry, but I think Carpenter was protected for a much simpler reason: the center depth chart was changing. Patty was leaving and Carpenter passed Haley.

      Centers used to be:1) Jumbo 2) Couture 3) Tierney 4) Haley 5) Patty

      Now the depth chart is: 1) Jumbo 2) Couture 3) Hertl 4) Tierney 5) Carpenter

      Plus, Couture and Hertl get hurt very often, so it’s possible Carpenter will be called upon. I suppose it’s possible Tierney gets dealt, but how does Tierney become part of a package for a goal scorer?

      I’m still puzzled as to why James Neal isn’t on the roster. I mean, how high could the asking price have been if the Preds were willing to give him away. We have the cap space, no problem. Wouldn’t he be a nice fit on the second line with Couture?

  2. James says:

    In ’16-’17 the Sharks had 1 decent scoring line, a bad bottom-6, were awful on special teams, and finished 19th in scoring.

    In the off-season, they lost Marleau (27 goals), Schlemko (18 points), and coach Boughner. They signed/traded for no one.

    Not much of a surprise that against Philly, the Sharks had 1 decent scoring line, a bad bottom-6, and lost the game on special teams. (Sigh) But thank goodness Carpenter (healthy scratch) was protected.

  3. Tyler says:

    We tend to take the superhuman ability of athletes to recover from injuries too lightly. It’s pretty amazing that Jumbo’s back and playing well. The real text will be, how will he look/feel in March. Also, Boedker and Couture tied for the lead in TOI among forwards but Pavs only played 16:27, down quite a bit from the 19:07 he averaged last year. Is he ok?

  4. Matty says:

    I’m not a big Duchene fan, but as the suitors have seemingly all dropped out, DW should make a run at him. Would you trade Braun, Tierney and a first? Worth it for a young center who can be your #2 or maybe even #1 after Jumbo hangs them up.

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