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post Welcome to the New One-Stop Shop

November 7th, 2009, 10:03 am

Filed under: blog — Written by Mike

Welcome to the new Dudes On Hockey, which takes care of all your San Jose Sharks podcasting needs, and hopefully much of your San Jose Sharks blogging needs.  For other great San Jose Sharks blogs, see the blogroll on the right.  Some new things to think about:

  1. Threaded comments!  Just click the “Reply” link beneath anyone’s comment, and you can reply to that person.
  2. Easy sharing.  If you click on an individual post, you will see some sharing links at the bottom which enables you to quickly share the post on facebook, twitter, or a number of other sites.
  3. Synergy.  You can get the podcast feeds and the blog feed (which contain the podcasts) separately.  Click on the links there on the top right to see what’s what.  In the course of this conversion and upgrade, I had to change how the podcasts get posted here, which changes the feed link.  I did some things to hopefully make it seamless for all of you, but if you happen to not get podcasts in your player a week or two from now, visit back and update your podcast feed.  I will post more on that if/when it happens.
  4. More control.  DOH has its own host, and we have full access to do whatever we want, be it look-and-feel or features.  If there are things you want, or don’t like, we have the ability to change those things.  Within reason.  And no, “write better posts” doesn’t count.  We all know we’re not doing that.