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post Double-You Oh Double-You

November 8th, 2009, 1:39 pm

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W-O-W.  That’s how Jamie Baker described the keep-in Dan Boyle performed at the blueline before he passed to Thornton, who then dumped it into the slot for Pavelski, and Heatley cleaned up the garbage for the Sharks’ fourth goal.  This is after Dan Boyle made Ruslan Fedotenko and Martin Skoula look like a couple of beer leaguers, faking and deking right and left before burying a low wrist shot far side that chased Marc-Andre Fleury from the Pittsburgh net.  Second in the league in points by a defenseman, Boyle has played the first month of the season with a broken thumb, and we witnessed last night what can happen when Danny is 100%.  Holy crap.  Is this guy fun to watch or what?

But Jamie’s exclamation about the clinic Boyle put on really applies to the whole 5-0 Sharks trouncing of the defending Stanley Cup champions.  Actually, it wasn’t completely unlike the win the Sharks handed to the Pens last year at this time, though that one had a much more modest score (2-1).  Sidney Crosby is still a handful, and he got a few dynamite chances, but we saw none of the breakdowns the Sharks commited against Columbus a few weeks ago in leaving Rick Nash alone in the slot, or the head scratcher against Washington in leaving Ovechkin alone on a 2-on-1.  The Sharks quietly dominated play much of the game, and answered the bell with physicality when Pittsburgh got tired of being humiliated.  I think Jody Shelley’s fight against Eric Godard was the best one I’ve seen him fight in two years.

The Sharks are again on top of the NHL in points (although Colorado is tied with us with a game in hand), and many of the kinks have worked themselves out.  Pavelski, despite missing 15 games, was an integral part of everything last night.  Malhotra chipped in on the power play.  Scott Nichol continued his domination in faceoffs, got an assist, and had several scoring opportunities.  We witnessed last night how good the Sharks can be.  All this without Devin Setoguchi, Rob Blake, or Torrey Mitchell in the lineup. Of course the next question out most Sharks fans’ mouths will be “but can they do it in April?”

I’m getting tired of that question.  I’m savoring this win.

4 Comments to “Double-You Oh Double-You”

  1. BreAnn says:

    As I have been saying since we got Boyle “He is da man!” “Boy can he school the opposition!”

    Last night was a game worth staying up to watch. The sequence with Boyle taking it to the net was great.

    I do hope we can do this in April and thru til mid-June.

  2. Ian says:

    I am with you Mike, I am so tired of what about April, its not enough that every game I seem to watch has the announcers talking about it for half the game but its a question we definitely think about amongst ourselves yeah its a valid question but its nice to live in the moment and enjoy some great hockey that we able to watch right now. I agree with BreAnn I am glad I was home and stayed up to watch that one.

    • Evilducks says:

      So stop bringing up April. It’s November, do like we did last year and just enjoy November. There is plenty of time in the near enough future for us all to get apprehensive about the future. Right now the Sharks look really good despite some big injuries.

      Personally for me, I almost find the way the Sharks play on the 3rd line more entertaining than the top line (aside from the scoring). The way those guys fly at everything that moves and skate like energizer bunnies is just great to watch. Nichol has been awesome despite almost no scoring.

      I’m just having a really good time watching my team. I recommend other Sharks fans do the same.

  3. Ruben says:

    I am really excited to see this team coming together. Demers-Huskins has been a pleasant surprise, even with their protected minutes. Joslin didn’t look too shabby last night. For the first time in a long time, I actually feel that something positive is possible when our 3rd and 4th lines are out there. And having the “A” sure didn’t slow down Marleau against Pit.

    I took a vow after last year to never believe that “this is the year” for the Sharks ever again. But that does not mean I can’t enjoy my favorite team playing well, whether pre-season, regular season or post season. If A-Rod can win it all, then anybody can!

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