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post I’m In A Glass Case of Emotion!! UPDATED

December 13th, 2009, 9:53 am

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If everything wasn’t bad enough, Taylor Pyatt had to play the Grinch. As the clock ran out, he hammered Dan Boyle against the boards and it sure didn’t look good. Boyle stayed down on the ice and needed help off the ice, clearly favoring one leg.

Here’s video of my reaction.

This is the crossroads of the Sharks season right here and now, folks. If Dan Boyle has a boo-boo and is out for two weeks, I can climb off the roof – but (gulp) if he is going to miss major time with a knee injury (which it looked like that’s what it was, his knee) we can kiss Lord Stanley good-bye. Why? Because Dan Boyle is the MVP of this team, the secret sauce on their Big Mac, the booty on their collective J-Lo. Boyle is irreplaceable by a call-up from Worcester and by almost anyone in the league.

As we wait by the chimney with care to see if Santa is going to give us our MVP back or screw us with a major injury to Danny Boy, here’s an interesting stat that is sure to cheer you up. Since November 1st, the Sharks have lost four games that they were leading going into the 3rd period.

2-1 @ Detroit

3-2 SO loss vs. Dallas

3-2 SO loss vs. St. Louis

3-2 SO loss vs. Dallas

The current measuring stick has to be the Calgary Flames and the Chicago Blackhawks. Calgary lost their first game after leading into period three since November 1st just this week when they dropped in Minnesota. Any guessing how many 3rd period leads the Blackhawks have lost kids?


Depressing. I better turn this post around or else you’ll think you’re at a screening of Precious.

Let’s hope for the best, that Boyle’s “lower body” injury isn’t major and that he’ll be quarterbacking our team again sooner rather than later. But, the Sharks still have issues and are officially in a slump, dropping five games in a row and are now tied with LA for first place in the Pacific Division. Here comes the sunny side, are you ready? If this was going to happen, and for most good teams it does, it needs to happen now. Last January, Detroit lost five games in a row, hit the skids and came back even stronger. It’s not like bad things don’t happen to good teams – but the Sharks recent play, their record against the cream of the West (Flames, Hawks, Kings, and Wings) is 1-4-2, and this potential season-busting injury makes me want to cry in a corner.

Now we wait and see

About Danny’s knee

Taylor Pyatt can sit and spin

Will the Sharks ever win?


4 Comments to “I’m In A Glass Case of Emotion!! UPDATED”

  1. Ruben says:

    #1 thing: DO NOT RUSH HIM BACK!!!

    This team is good enough to make the playoffs without Dan Boyle for 1-2 months. I agree with you guys that they are not good enough to win it all, but you don’t win it all in the regular season, right?

    Honestly, this may be a huge blessing if the Sharks have to go without their top Dman for a month or so. Make McLellan ride with Joslin and Demers through their mistakes, allowing them to grow in 20 min-a-night roles. Force Vlasic to step up and become the defacto #1 while Boyle is out. On top of that, Dan Boyle was playing waaaay too many minutes as it was. Put him on the long term IR, get an extra $1mil in cap room, and trade for another solid Dman at the deadline if Joslin and Demers don’t prove their worth in their lengthy auditions.

    Finally, some true adversity for this team in the regular season. Will be interesting to see how this team responds.

  2. Tom says:

    The man punished Baxster!!!!

  3. Ivan M says:

    Sharks official Facebook page is reporting there appears to be no serious injury to Dan Boyle.

    However, we should all continue our prayers.

  4. SoCalSharksGirl says:

    That was a great one!! Very entertaining read (and fyi, your onto Round 3 of Blog off).

    As for Boyle, with everything I’ve heard, he’s o.k. and as of now plans to play on Thursday. We’ll have to wait and see but I’m optimistic based off the initial reports.

    As for the slide, I’m totally with you guys in that I’m thrilled it’s happening now, and not the last month of the regular season. And I really don’t care if the Sharks aren’t in first either. It hasn’t seemed to work for us being the top dog in the West, and the only time they had the most success, they were the 8th seed. Not saying I want to be there, but I’m tired of being the measuring stick for every other team, and wouldn’t care if we were a 4th seed. Hell, we haven’t exactly had the best luck at hone either, so maybe even a 5th. I know it’s crazy, but being the best going into the playoffs has not gone in our favor….

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