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post Congrats to Team Sharks, I Mean Canada

December 30th, 2009, 10:07 am

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San Jose is the new Regina!

San Jose is the new Regina!

A quick congratulations to Dan Boyle, Patrick Marleau, Thunder Joe and Dany Heatley for making Team Canada for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics! Hard for anyone to argue that they all don’t deserve it and it would be surprising if Babcock didn’t use the Sharks top line as a unit in Vancouver.

Has Mike Green’s Norris Trophy status dropped that much? Has the reported locker room drama in Calgary prevented their three All-Star blueliners from being on the team? How funny is it that the worst team in the West (Anaheim) has three guys on the toughest team to make in the world? That doesn’t bode well for how badly Murray has screwed up their supporting cast.

Who got the Olympic shaft the hardest, Dudes?

7 Comments to “Congrats to Team Sharks, I Mean Canada”

  1. Ian says:

    I think the only real surprise for me was the Defense but all in all it was what I was expecting. All the Sharks on the team deserve to be there I was worried that patty would not get the nod. My hopes (and this is biased but I’m Canadian what do you want) is that they do well take gold and the Sharks bring that back that winning to the team for a Stanley Cup run. A Gold medal and a Stanley Cup would be the best hockey year ever. 🙂

  2. Mr. Plank says:

    Jay Bouwmeester, and it’s not even close.

    • Mike says:

      No question it’s Jay-Bo. I understand the Keith-Seabrook connection, but there’s no coach or GM in the NHL or any other league that would take Brent Seabrook over Jay Bouwmeester. Using that rationale, maybe they should have taken Steve Eminger instead of Boyle because he plays with Niedermayer.

      I think St. Louis got the biggest shaft on the offensive side. Really, Patrice Bergeron? Maybe that’s a olive branch to Quebec since Lecavalier was left off.

      In other news, I like this article about “The Juice” getting the shaft as well. No, not OJ.

  3. WingsFanInSharkLand says:

    Agreed on Bouwmeester and St. Louis. Geez, that Yzerman guy is an idiot 😉 Not to take anything away from anyone else, but Bergeron has been playing well as of late. That certainly had a lot to do with it. Men should never be named Patrice though. Or Darcy for that matter. Don’t tell them I said that.

    I can’t see why they wouldn’t keep “the burger line” together in the Olympics. I’d have to check the stats, but I think those three have played a little better than average so far on the same line.

    On a similar topic, how about Mikael Samuelsson’s comments about not being selected for Team Sweden:

    Tell them how you really feel.

    Congrats to the Shark Olympians. Certainly well-deserved. I count 11 Olympians playing in tonight’s game: Pavelski (assuming he makes Team USA), Thorton, Heatley, Marleau, Boyle, Nabby, Murray, Ovechkin, Semin, Backstrom, and Fleischmann. Did I miss anyone?


  4. Niki says:

    I’m not exactly surprised by this but I thought Shane Doan would be the Dark Horse on the roster to be the “shocker”. Doan has been great all season but when you are trying to fit only 23 men from Canada for the Olympics, I’m sure Stevey Y didn’t have an easy time. But in my opinion, Doan deserves to be on that roster…

  5. Ruben says:

    Agreed on Seabrook. He is a very good player, but not elite like Jay-Bo or Mike Green.

    St. Louis was a closer call. I can see Bergeron over him because he would be like the Joe Pavelski of the Canadian team, a swiss army knife of sorts that can do it all. Personally, I love me some Shane Doan, he would be willing to play a hard 10 min a game for Canada and not raise a ruffle.

    Wouldn’t that be great if Greiss had himself a good tournament, gave him and the Sharks some confidence in his game, and allowed Nabby to play only a couple of games a week from here on out? Really, for Germany to have any success, Greiss will have to play lights out as it is.

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