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post Breaking Up The Band

January 22nd, 2010, 10:51 am

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Me no like Blake. Me want Boyle or Demers.

Me no like Blake. Me want Boyle or Demers.

Just a quick hit from last night’s game. The Sharks responded as we all hoped they would and have now made it five in a row over the Ducks. You think that’s not intentional? I can only imagine it is an unwritten team goal to sweep the season series with the Ducks this year and they are one more win away from just that. It makes me tingle inside with giddiness.

What did everyone think of the new D pairing last night? It certainly brought out the best in Vlasic and Blake, so has the coaching staff stumbled onto something here in Boyle’s absence? I thought Vlasic played his most aggressive game of the season, tying his career high of five shots and burying a goal from the point. Rob Blake got into the action and scored as well, activating from the point and batting in a Joe Thornton laser. So, is it coincidence that Blake and Vlasic played more effectively without each other, or are they just a mismatched couple to begin with? On paper, Blake and Murray seems like an immobile disaster, but they played pretty effectively together. They were out there for the Ducks goal, but Blake and Murray were out there in some form for every goal last night. Demers and Vlasic were fun to watch, pushed the tempo and it seemed to free up Vlasic’s game – which was also odd. But, whatever works baby.

So, is it time to break up the band? When Boyle returns, slide him next to Pickles, or if they decide to scratch Leach, play Boyle with Huskins. Could this solve the Sharks inconsistent returns on the blueline this year?



5 Comments to “Breaking Up The Band”

  1. David says:

    I felt Demers and Vlasic played great together. Probably because they both speak French, but mostly because Vlasic is better not playing with Blake. Murray and Blake on the other hand equals hip check destruction.

  2. Tom says:

    I totally agree with eveything said… It is hard to pin point exactly why, but it is clear to me that this group of defensemen play better with Demers in the lineup. Again, it’s hard to say why, and it’s a little hard to admit given that Demers is so young and inexperienced, but their record and play when he is in is becoming undeniable.

    Leach has been solid and I cannot complain about his game, but if having Demers in does something to the blue line and helps generate scoring, theN that should trump other considerations with the lineup, don’t you think?

  3. Ruben says:

    So when Boyle comes back, what do you do, Dudes?

    Stick him with Huskins? Because that is going to have to max out the opposite synergy going on to succeed because both those guys like to wander out of position pretty often.

    Break up Blake-Murray, and essentially make Blake a 3rd pairing Dman with Huskins even though he lead the team in ice time with Boyle out? Would that be a blessing in disguise by keeping him fresh?

    Either way, other than Mitchell’s absurdly low ice time considering his very strong play, I have zero bad things to say about this team right now. Top-end talent producing, outstanding secondary scoring, physicality from the bottom lines, good two way play from the D, strong special teams, outstanding goaltending. Looking forward to Thursday…

  4. WingsFanInSharkLand says:

    I was at the game on Saturday and couldn’t help but notice how much better Vlasic looked without Blake as his partner. For him, maybe it’s like being around a strict parent? When you’re young and your strict parent is around, you do your best and try to behave. You can’t just completely let loose though because you know you’re being eyed like a hawk the whole time and when you get back to the bench (i.e. “home”), your parent is going to have that talk with you about anything and everything you did wrong. On the other hand, without that parent there, you’re more relaxed, you don’t worry about dropping the occassional F-bomb, and you can just be yourself. Out of sight, out of mind. I realize the analogy doesn’t quite work because Blake (the parent/captain) IS there watching everything Vlasic does, but I still think he seemed more relaxed the last couple games.

    Oh, and when Boyle comes back, you trade him to Detroit for the rights to Chris Chelios and a bowl of his chili. Fine, 2 bowls of chili.

  5. Evilducks says:

    I think I would sit Huskins, play Leach with Blake and put Murray back with Boyle…

    Unfortunately I don’t make the decisions and you know it’ll be Demers on his way back to Worcester (well, technically, he’s already back in Worcester, he just won’t be coming back to the NHL).

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