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post Sharks, the Game Started at 7:30. It’s Now 7:45

January 29th, 2010, 9:16 am

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Save the opening ten minutes of last night’s game, the Sharks put in a really good effort.  The second and third periods were more or less how we expected the entire game to be- fast, end-to-end, with dynamic chances.   After the longest layoff since mid December, the Sharks started the game flat, which certainly includes Nabby.  They coughed up three goals before you could say “Kris Versteeg douchey sunglasses.”  While the first goal was clearly a missed assignment, leaving Byfuglien alone in the high slot for an open shot, I thought the second two were mostly on Nabby.  He had plenty of time to get in position on Brower’s first of the night, leaving the near side open.  Then, on the third goal, a shot came from a sharp angle, and instead of Nabby kicking it to the corner or directing it behind the net, it was kicked back to Hossa, who passed it to Ladd for the tip-in.  I might have pulled Nabby right then and there.

But give the boys some credit- they woke up, and managed to tie the game eventually on the NHL’s #1 team in terms of shots and goals against.  Going back to the formula that beat the Hawks in their barn on December 22nd, the Sharks were shooting high all night on Huet, and several missed seemingly by millimeters.  All this without Marc-Eduouard Vlasic, who Doug and I only noticed wasn’t out there in the middle of the third.  He actually only played 7:25, his normal load for the first, and never came back for the second or third.  The fact that Huskins had more ice time than he’s had all season (25:46), Murray third most all season (23:54), and Blake third (24:26),  seemed particularly evident on the last play of the game, when Murray rushed the puck deep, the Hawks produced a turnover and an ensuing rush, and Murray looked even slower than usual in getting back in the play- from where I was it looked like dead legs.

I can’t find a single report that even mentions Vlasic’s injury, much less the extent of it.  I expect Pollak should have something on his blog today.  All I can say is, Boyle, we missed you, and Vlasic, get well soon.  Hurt even more because he had another strong offensive night, being in exactly the right place and passing the puck perfectly to Pavelski.  Say that three times fast.

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  1. Evilducks says:

    We still don’t know what the deal is with Vlassic, but Murray may have been slow because of a shot he took in the knee in the second. He limped down to the locker room for repairs and missed a few shifts. He came back later, but was never the same as he was in the first.

    We basically had 4.5 d-men for 2 periods and it showed by the end.

  2. Jerry says:

    Anybody else notice that in yet another big/statement game, Joe Thornton made zero impact? In fact, he was the second best Joe on the team by far.

    • Evilducks says:

      So? Anybody notice Toews and Hossa out there last night?

      I didn’t.

      Not every player is balls to the wall every game. Perhaps those guys just cancelled each other out for the most part and it came to depth. That happens.

  3. Tom says:

    Drew said last night after it was 3-0… that we were about to find out a lot about this team…

    Well I think we did. We found out that this team does have a strong heart and will battle through. The 12 forwards the Sharks can produce most night are better than anyone in the league, imo…

    I think we also learned that the Sharks D is our weakest spot. we desperately need another big shut down D that can compete with guys like Kane, Toews and Hossa. Murray alone cannot do it. I don’ think that is in doubt any longer.

    I’m trying really hard not be be Chicken Little right now but I also think we Shark fans have been running a little too high over the last week or so too. We have a bounty of forwards and IMHO… we cannot compete with Chicago until we get some help on the blue line…

  4. Ruben says:

    Interesting since I thought the team competed quite well with 1/2 a #2 dman (Murray), an overextended #4 dman (Blake), and 3 bottom pairing dmen. Imagine the Hawks trying to match up against us without Keith, Hjarlmansson (lol is that even close?) out 2/3 of the game, and Seabrook playing on one leg. Brian Campbell put up against HTML for 25 minutes?!?! I think the game changes a little.

    Second City Hockey put it out there… They don’t see how the Hawks lose a 7 game series against the Sharks. And they said the Sharks were the ones who were mentally frail. I mean, even when the Sharks show heart by coming back 0-3 they get criticized. What was the mantra at the beginning of the season? Reputation, everone has one… are you satisfied with yours? Unfair as it is, the Sharks have one.

    Somehow fizzling out of the playoffs a few years is worse than the longest cup drought in the NHL. I hope the Hawks and Sharks meet in the playoffs.

    • Jerry says:

      I hope the Sharks and Hawks meet in the playoffs cuz that’ll mean the Sharks made it to the Western Conference Finals. But I don’t think the roster as it currently stands for the Sharks can beat the Hawks in a playoff series.

      • Mike says:

        I certainly agree with this, but who would have thought Carolina would beat Boston in the playoffs if we looked at the standings this time last year? Shit happens, and streaks happen.

        • Ruben says:

          Exactly, the Sharks were burned by the high cycle the first period, figured it out, and then simply got tired in the 3rd period (or at least the D was).

          The Sharks lead the NHL in points, are outstanding offensively, defensively, and on all special teams. They have grit, have shown heart multiple times this season, and contrary to SCH, are quite the opposite of mentally frail.

          As is, I’d put this team up against any in the league. Every team has weaknesses, and in the cap age its almost expected. The Caps can only run and gun, the Hawks have weak goaltending, and the Sharks D plays a little soft sometimes. All it does is make for fun, unpredictable hockey.

  5. Jerry says:

    By the way, did you enjoy that beer Mike?

  6. Mr. Plank says:

    Hey Dudes, I took a look at the video and found what seems to be a potential left knee injury. Sorry for spamming your site, but I figure it’s relevant so what the hell.

    • Mike says:

      It’s one big happy family, and the post is relevant. No need to apologize. I hope everyone reads the FTF post, it’s good forensics.

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