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post Keep Sharp Objects Away From Me

April 19th, 2010, 8:26 am

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What a way to lose.  The Sharks, after possibly the most dominating performance of the entire season, lose after Dan Boyle puts the puck into his own net, on an angle a shooter couldn’t score from 99 times out of a100.  In the postgame, Boyle was obviously crushed, and possibly questioning the wisdom of agreeing to a trade to a team that is obviously cursed.  What’s next, the ghost of Shawn Cronin making Nabby-sized hole in the ice?

*Checking wikipedia...  Ok, Shawn Cronin is still alive.  So we can rest easy about that one.  But I do want Mr. Cronin to look both ways before crossing the street.

Podcast tonight.

In the meantime, let’s come up with a better tagline for the end of this video.  This one leaves me a bit cold…


8 Comments to “Keep Sharp Objects Away From Me”

  1. Nick says:

    I’m still speechless.

  2. Ian says:

    Kyle McLaren is still alive right?

  3. Ted says:

    Umm, I’m still baffled why you and the media are entirely focused on Boyle. A defenseman tries to make a pass, a forechecker manages to deflect it, and the goalie is napping, not even watching the puck, letting it in from an angle it should never go in from. And this said goalie has allowed WAY too many extreme angle shots to trickle through this year.

    Ummm, it is me or can anyone explain to me why Nabakov isn’t taking the heat for this travesty?

    • Mike says:

      Everyone is focused on Boyle because it came off of Boyle’s stick. I don’t actually blame anyone. It was the worst possible luck at the worst possible time. Maybe Boyle could have done a better job, maybe Nabby could have. This just sucks.

  4. Ruben says:

    Nabby was covering his angle. I can’t imagine legitimately placing blame on Nabby for this one. He has had his dark moments, but this wasn’t one of them.

    Nor do I really put too much blame on Boyle. But then, I felt bad for Stefan when he wiffed on that open net… shit happens. Pucks bounce, ice is uneven. But damn, talk about adversity.

  5. The Meat Rind says:

    Looking forward to Tuesday, the Sharks need to get mean on Andy… the refs have put away their whistles for a lot of the playoffs in general, so an errant stick to the side of the helmet, or a “oops I ran into you” bump or two, or even just farting in his direction… something to get in his kitchen. When you get in his personal space he’ll cough up the goal, we saw that in game two. That is the key to game 4 if you ask me.

  6. Ruben says:

    Good point TMR, though the Sharks did pull some of those things with their shots after the whistle. And don’t forget the Seto “interference” call.

    Still, I would love to see Marleau come down the wing, drive to the net, and just bowl over Anderson. Nothing malicious, just a page out of the Avs book.

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