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post DOH 125 – Oh For Three

November 24th, 2010, 8:57 am

Filed under: podcast — Written by Mike

After a good week last week, the Sharks respond by losing all three games to Colorado, Dallas, and Columbus.  The Dudes try not to get too down on the whole thing, and explore why fans may be not as enthusiastic this season as much as past seasons.  After some listener emails, the Dudes detail their new picking games contest, and address some fantasy issues.


3 Comments to “DOH 125 – Oh For Three”

  1. Cyoor says:

    So… At the end of the show you said that you thought Niemi would probably get waived if he continued to play as bad as he is now.. My questions are the following:
    Are there zero trade opportunity whatsoever here? Is he just that bad?
    Who do you think would take his place? Would Greiss get called again or would they try Stalock, Sexsmith or someone else?

    To be honest I think they should drop him as soon as possible. The sooner they drop him, the sooner we can focus on a new d-man.

    • Ian says:

      As far as I know we can’t call Griess back from his loan to Europe so unless I am wrong he is lost for the season.

  2. Ruben says:

    In that fantasy league of yours with the drama, actually thought you guys were on the short end just a little… but I’m in 2nd to last despite having Steven Stamkos, what do I know? Oh yeah, thank you Erik Johnson and Tyler Myers for playing awful and probably blowing my one chance at fame and getting to be on the podcast!

    As far as the Sharks, I agree that this is the first year that they are worse than last year. I don’t agree that they have no shot at winning it all as currently constructed. If the Canes and Giants can win it all without being juggernauts, I think the Sharks currently have a shot. Especially in a year where there is a lot of parity. I don’t know many people who doubt the team will make the playoffs, and once you are there anything can happen over a month and a half.

    Niemi in tonight. Guess the backup has to play sometime, and I doubt any one on the team will hold it against McLellan for playing him (in fact, I think they will come out even more pumped to show that Niemi made the right decision along with facing their eliminators). Everyone would want that opportunity against their old team, and a part of me is glad TMac gave it to him. Its only one game in the standings, but I bet it means a lot to Niemi.

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