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post DOH 127 – Nabby’s Jailbreak

December 15th, 2010, 7:52 am

Filed under: podcast — Written by Mike

This week there are four games to discuss, and while the Sharks could be on a slight upswing, the Dudes’ individual takes on it differ.  In addition to the ups and downs of the Sharks week, there’s lots of other news to discuss, including the return of Evgeny Nabokov to stateside.  Mike and Doug try and guess where he’ll end up, and take some other questions from listeners.


5 Comments to “DOH 127 – Nabby’s Jailbreak”

  1. Joe579 says:

    Is anyone having problems with the embedded player muting the podcast at random times and having to refresh and start over. Then, when you try to fast forward, it mutes again? UGH! Just gonna download the thing…and YES Itunes has it now!

  2. Andy C says:

    Dudes – I can always count on you to make perfect sense… There is some awful driving over here in England… and some awful weather. I now see the connection!

    As far as the Ozzie-off goes, you’ve got to go for the line “G’Day mate. Throw another shrimp on the barbie”. (Or hopefully “Strewth… we’ve lost the Ashes to the Poms” might be appropriate by the next podcast).

  3. Ruben says:

    You know, I wonder if the poll re Pavs for Weber would turn out different now that Couture has ascended to be the 2nd line center.

  4. dmitry says:

    Dudes, regarding Nabokov’s first name. I’m spelling it like it is in russian
    here’s his name ???????, with “i” and “y” at the end, where you actually pronounce it “evgenIY” (??)
    but because you say quickly sometimes, it sounds like just “i” (e-e), so i guess it was adopted that way here, in US.

    and he was making 6mil a year in Russia, not 4. plus, lets not forget that taxes in homeland are only 13% 😉


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