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post DOH 141 – Dallas Destruction

April 1st, 2011, 10:10 am

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The Dudes only have one game to talk about- the 6-0 pasting of the Stars – but they do it with relish.  Now that the season is finally winding down, it’s time to talk about possible first round matchups in the east and west, who will likely be playing when everyone gets healthy again, and of course, listener emails.

Note:  I’m experimenting with lower encodings, this week’s show was encoded at 64kB because of a request to make the file smaller.  I want to see if this measurably affects audio quality.


6 Comments to “DOH 141 – Dallas Destruction”

  1. Tom says:

    Per the question regarding who I’d rather see the Sharks face in the 1st round… I’m not gonna speculate on who’d be the tougher opponent. It might be a wash to be honest. But I’ll tell you know no series will be easy this year…. That aside, I WANT THE DUCKS. A playoff loss cannot be avenged except by a playoff win. I’m still pissed about 2009 and I want blood like I did last year against Detroit.

    I’m bringing my duck call tonight…

  2. Tom says:

    Sorry can’t hold my tongue… 

    To Randy Carlyle and the fans of the Anaheim Ducks: If you are all gonna whine about the Murray hit on Lubo, then I have something to say. 

    I seem to remember the Ducks being led to a Stanley Cup behind none other that “captain elbows” himself – Chris Pronger… Remember all the justifications for the elbows to the face and even stepping on a guy, “Oh well he’s just so big and tall that whenever he hits people they just get hurt, it’s not his fault!” well guess what, the shoe is on the other foot now mf’ers!

    But I get it. If Dan Boyle got hurt in the same way I’d be pissed. 

    But here’s the thing, HE DIDN’T, YOUR GUY DID… And you had no answer to it. 

    Remember all those years where the Sharks would crumble under the physical play…??? Well different team different year bitches. 

    Deal with it Carlyle, your team got rolled in every way possible way last night and you had no response… 

    See you Wednesday, 


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