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post DOH 142 – A Duck Hiccup

April 6th, 2011, 11:51 pm

Filed under: podcast — Written by Mike

The Sharks continue their winning ways against Anaheim and the Kings at home, but lose huge at the Pond.   Mike and Doug try to find the correct perspective for this game, try and guess who their first round opponent might be, and talk about what it means to be a Stemmer.


14 Comments to “DOH 142 – A Duck Hiccup”

  1. Evilducks says:

    Crap… I’m a stemmer when I’m home watching the game by myself. I may do it at games. I don’t do it to benefit anybody but myself. Its just thinking out loud…

    It’s worse with alcohol.

  2. MJ says:

    Nitty needs that “trial by fire” right now. Win or lose.

    PK sucked big time last night, but I’m happy that it did. Why? Coz that’s gonna be the sore thumb that they address at practice. Working on the PK intensely just before the playoffs? I can’t say I see anything wrong with that.

    Sharks needed their asses kicked. Perfect timing.

  3. Nick says:

    Me and you both Evilducks. I definitely stemmer for the benefit of my TV. I like to think I tone it back when people are around, but who really know…

    Regarding the guy with the headphone, If you sit lower bowl left corner at the end the sharks shoot at twice I know exactly the person and lets suffice to say that he calls the usher down for people leaving their jackets on empty seats next to them. Not your fault.

    • evilducks says:

      I actually say “Niemi, get back in your net”.

      Now, I only say that when he’s under pressure and think it’s perfectly fine for goalies to leave their net, I’m just encouraging him to make haste to protect his crease while the vultures are circling.

      I admit to being potentially annoying during Sharks games… I can’t sit quietly, especially in big games and often give instructions verbally. That’s just my weird way of cheering them on. I’m usually toned down at live games (mostly because I tend to be at away games and not near many other Sharks fans).

      I don’t yell “Shoot” at least…

      • Ruben says:

        During the regular season, I think I’m pretty composed unless the Sharks score.

        During playoffs, all bets are off.

        Then again, when I am at the game I usually just cheer unless I am with my wife. She doesn’t understand the game much, so I sporadically explain things throughout the game.

  4. Tom says:

    As per the discussion about a possible chat room… I definitely wouldn’t participate in a live game chat room…

    Another idea would be to create a small discussion forum aside from the blog entries where users/listeners can create their own threads and topics. That might take some of the burden off you guys for constant blog entries to discuss and create a more lively discussion among us listeners.

    Just an idea.

    • Cyoor says:

      I like that Idea also, but even though that would be great, its not a place where you write “WTF, how could that be a penalty”, or “YESSSS!!” (if the sharks have scored an important goal) during the games. A chatroom also have the benefit of people beeing able to get to know eachother abit more, since it probably would produce a community where sharksfans can talk about anything from the last sharksgame to their favourite beer or where you could find s nice restaurant.

      And even if the chat wouldnt be that active at all times, I defenetly think that during and after games, people will probably be there talking about the game.

      But still, I would rather have something then nothing, and I agree that a forum would be a thing to bring people to the webpage every day to read, even if you wouldn’t expect the dudes to have posted anything new.

      Maybe its possible to implement both?

      • Mike says:

        I will look into it. There are plenty of other Sharks forums out there… what would this one provide exactly?

        • Tom says:

          Nothing really… But every forum has a different kind of personality and tone, if you will. I stopped going to those other places because frankly they’re overrun by only a few points of view, usually very negative and reactionary. That could potentially happen here if a forum was created and it got too big, which of course no one wants. I think not being the same as everybody else is what makes DOH a cool place and there is always a danger of moving away from that.

  5. Ruben says:

    Sharks on the ice for each PP goal:

    1st PPG : White, Wallin, Mayers, Couture
    2nd PPG (5v3) : Vlasic, Demers, Marleau
    3rd PPG: White, Wallin, Pavelski, Thornton
    4th PPG: White, Wallin, Pavelski, Marleau

    I’m sure Wallin is a great guy in the locker room, but every day it becomes clearer that he serves zero purpose on the team. White should never ever start a PK.

  6. Ruben says:

    Man, are you guys ready to have your mind blown? Amongst forwards who see above 1 minute of PK time a game (to weed out the Jamie McGinns of the analysis), Patrick Marleau has a GA/60 on the PK of 9.81. Joe Pavelski has a GA/60 on the PK of 8.59.

    That would make Patrick Marleau the 5TH WORST FORWARD IN THE NHL AT KILLING PENALTIES (amongst guys who get regular PK time) ! By this stat, Joe Pavelski is the 10TH WORST! Not on the team, not in the west, but in the entire NHL.

    How has the coaching staff not figured this out? Has the legend of Big Joe grown beyond reality, blinding the coaches? WHat is the harm in sending out Jumbo and Heater against top lines, it literally can’t be any worse!

    All stats courtesy, of course, of

  7. Tom says:

    Looking at the standings… I dont think the Ducks will be our first round draw any longer… They have LA back to back to end the year and I dont see LA getting a point in either of those games… That would vault the Ducks over LA.

    If we beat out Phnx to end the year I doubnt they get more than a pt… I think the Ducks will draw Nashville in teh 4-5 spots… It looks like Phnx or LA round one, as the Dudes said… Great news for us.

    I think the only surprise could be if LA gets a pt and Chicago wins out. Chicago would jump to 7th… OUCH. I dont see Dallas getting in any longer, but you never know!

    An LA or Phnx first round draw would be awesome…

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