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post DOH164 – Our New Pinup

August 17th, 2011, 9:42 pm

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Not much Sharks news, but the Dudes make their own news with a new friend of the show.  Pics enclosed.


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  1. Slappy_SEZ says:

    I love Dan Boyle(!) Class act.

  2. Emily Hall says:

    Wow, that is officially the best thing I’ve seen all week! Thanks for bringing some cheer to an otherwise sad week. (RIP Ripper)

  3. Jeremyb says:

    Bavo mike and doug!! I hope this serves as motivation for you guys to continue doing what you do for years more. You two have a gift and you’ve been extremely generous in sharing it with the hockey community.

    glad you got a little reward with these pics and story!

  4. Ian says:

    That is awesome, what more can be said.

  5. Mark says:

    Bad A$$….Keep up the podcasts dudes.

  6. Evilducks says:

    Awesome photos!

    Also, I will try to make light of a horrible situation. I think Rypien finally came to the realization that he was going to be living in WINNIPEG. He just couldn’t take it.

    • Really? says:


      I generally like reading your posts, but this is in bad taste to ‘make light’ of the death of someone.

      • Evilducks says:

        I’ve never claimed to have good taste. I also find the best way to deal with tragedy through comedy.

        • Emily Hall says:

          Evilducks. I guess the name should be a clue.
          To each his own.

        • Jeremyb says:

          were you really that close with rypien that you need to “deal” with this tragedy? I think you just made an unfunny comment, plain and simple.

    • Ian says:

      Honestly, I am surprised it took me this long to read a comment along these lines. Maybe it just got buried on other boards. Poor taste but I’d be lying if I had not thought the same thing when I heard the news.

  7. MrMc says:

    So perhaps when someone you care about dies, and you hear a joke about their death, you’ll chuckle about it and feel better.

    • Evilducks says:

      I’ve lost loved ones and the thing that helped most was laughing with our friends at the funeral, often at the expense of the one past on. I’ll be sorely disappointed in those I consider friends if they don’t rip me a new one on the day of my funeral, and I really couldn’t care less what those that don’t know me say about me. Remembering people with nothing but tears is a sad disservice to them.

      • Evilducks says:

        For example, I had two friends in high school commit suicide. One lead cops on a police chase that ended outside our school, he pretended to pull a gun and they shot him 17 times. The school was closed the next day and we joked that he just really wanted us to have a 3 day weekend and laughed that he wore a bathrobe to school on that last day (shoulda probably been concerned with that, but he did lots of goofy things)

      • Patrick says:

        ED – generally like your hockey insights, but totally agree with others that this was in poor taste.

        Couple problems with your comparison to healing the loss of loved ones via sharing humor with close friends:
        1) Rypien isn’t your loved one
        2) We’re not your close friends
        3) Most importantly, you’re giving yourself way too much credit by labeling that post as “comedy”

        • evilducks says:

          okay, I admit I suck at telling jokes. But I give myself an A for effort.

          • Mike says:

            I also give you an A for successfully stirring the pot. We haven’t gotten this many comments in six weeks.

            I tip my hat to you, sir.

            • Evilducks says:

              I was just thinking “hey, we got past 20 comments without evildoug. Does it count if I’m a third of them?”

              • monica says:

                My room mate mentioned this to me this morning. Wow.

                And since at least half of the ‘dudes’ think your dis-affected comedic attempt is a good thing to get more ‘hits’ on their website, then perhaps they might consider starting an entirely new podcast of ‘What jokes do we tell if Evilducks crashes his car and dies?’

                Ha ha – haaa!!!! : D ?

                But before this goes too far, I don’t really wish that upon even you… But as a Sharks fan (and human being), I just pray that no one from the Vancouver or Winnipeg site sees your remark.

              • Mike says:

                Monica, you misunderstand my statement. I merely said that we had more comments due to ED’s remark, which I neither endorsed nor disavowed. I was tipping my hat at his ability to create controversy.

              • Evilducks says:

                It would depend on the context of the car crash. For example, if I were to get splattered because I was speeding you could go with “Evilducks couldn’t get out of the inland empire fast enough.” I would hope it’s at least significantly cheesy. Perhaps use some bad puns?

                Fantasize about my demise to your hearts content.

                This whole conversation reminds me of 1000 ways to die on spike.

              • Emily Hall says:

                Anagrams for Evilducks:
                Luck Dives (applies to car crash joke)
                Suck Lived (applies to original bad joke)
                Suck Devil (the response to said “bad joke”)

                but I must admit, Evilducks dedication to poor taste in jokes has become slightly admirable, or it’s just possible he/she has worn me down.

              • evilducks says:

                Awww, that’s how I make most of my friends!

  8. Bryce says:

    Talk about a Debbie Downer. >dislike<

  9. Sb says:

    I guess this is the goalie fight? Warning: don’t expect much, even for August…

  10. dmitry says:

    and I thought seeing Nabokov today on Santana Row was exciting….
    nice work, dudes!

  11. Evilducks says:

    Well, he’s worn a shirt, but has he listened to the show?

  12. Ruben says:

    Hockey Prospectus has up their list of top Sharks prospects. Lots of 3rd liners and bottom pairing defensemen. Alex Stalock is said to only have a ceiling of an above average backup.

  13. hateseed says:

    Thumbs up for Boyle being such a good sport.

    Thumbs down for the Evil one, not for his joke, but for where he told it.

    One thumb up and one thumb down for this weeks DoH – though that’s only because it was under 40 minutes and because there was/is nothing to talk about. No hard feelings.

  14. Tom says:

    This is neither an endorsement or criticism of ED’s remarks – but I will say this, where was all the love for Rypien when he pulled that guy out of the stands in Minnesota? I remember people asking for his head on a platter… Regardless of how you feel about him or the tragedy, I find the complete reversal a little hypocritical.

    /throws a firecracker in the room and then runs out….

  15. Andy C says:

    Jeez, leave the guy alone…He made a comment in poor taste and got called out. He apologized and tried to explain why he said it, that no offense was intended and it was clear that the apology was genuine – time to move on.

    I don’t get all the later posters piling in on him trying to make him feel worse and with their ‘holier than thou’ attitude only succeeding in drawing more attention in the first place.

    The dudes put out a light hearted and fun show and Mike’s initial response was fully in line with the give they strive for.

    OK, I’m probably a little hypocritical adding another post about it, but it’s really p****ed me off that people are ignoring the apology but seem to think they still have the moral high ground.

    • evilducks says:

      It’s okay, they’re not making me feel worse at all.

      • rip says:

        Of course you don’t feel worse, you attention hog. Any attention is better than no attention at all. Did your mama nott give you enough toys as a baby?


    • Patrick says:

      Andy C – can you direct me to the post where he apologized, said that no offense was intended, and it was clear that the apology was genuine? If I’d seen any of those things I wouldn’t have had any inclination to “pile on.”

      And yes, your post was (more than) a little hypocrital. Not only by fueling a conversation you supposedly want to end, but also by doing so with a holier than thou attitude that you supposedly find appalling.

      • monica says:

        Bravo Patrick!

        • Tom says:

          Oh no!! Someone was rude on the Internet!!

          😐 really?

          • monica says:

            Actually I wouldn’t describe this as ‘rude’. I would say it’s insensitive and clearly disrespectful to anyone who cared about this person. And being posted on the internet, it’s bite reaches far and wide. It will likely touch a nerve to those who might have lost someone meaningful in their own life.

            But to put this in proper perspective, consider: If the person who was found dead was say, popular ex-Shark Scotty Nichol, would Sharks fans have responded with such callous disregard? I doubt it.

            And then if some fans of another team laughed it off on their fan site, would SJ fans be offended? I know I would be outraged.

            But I doubt that I will reach any of those who think this is a all just a ‘holier than thou’ knee-jerk reaction. Because the bottom line is that some of you just don’t care about other people. And offending someone on the internet is just so easy and doesn’t take a lot of courage. ( See ED’s response: “What’s wrong with joking anonymously on the interwebs?”)

            Go ahead and flame me boys. You get the last word. I am done with this thread, and also with DoH in general.

            (But Go Sharks)

            • Andy C says:

              Done with DoH in general?

              Maybe this thread has got a bit out of hand, but these are mine & ED’s opinions & people have the right to have different opinions on humour when it comes to death, (and opinions on whether an apology is clearly stated or just clear from the tone).

              Mike & Doug don’t deserve to lose any listeners over a couple of posters’ opinions on their board, so as frustrated as you are with some of us, do what Dan Boyle would do… and stay tuned.

            • evilducks says:

              So, you’re done with DoH because somebody completely unaffiliated with either Mike nor Doug said something you think other people would be offended by?

              I’ll have you know I offend people to their face plenty. The “anonymously on the internet” was just happenstance in this case.

              I take it you don’t think George Carlin is funny? (Not that I’m in any way comparing my jokes to anything he ever said, but the tone is similar?)

          • Patrick says:

            And, as often happens, here’s the point of the conversation…

            and here’s Tom.

  16. Nathan says:

    Great podcast! Listening for over a year keep up the good work dudes

  17. Emily Hall says:

    Hey dudes, in the podcast you said that you don’t remember any thoughtful questions from the “State of the Sharks”l. Actually I thought there was at least one good question that was posed to Joe Thornton and it’s in my video “Come on Sharkies”
    The question appears at the 3:13 mark of the video.

  18. Shrk2th says:

    What’s this… we’re actually talking about….our… SHARKS again?

    edit: Emily, that was a great video parody… and you can count me as a new fan. I look forward to your next one.

    On another note, why do you suppose that DW stopped his State of the Sharks townhall meetings?

  19. jeremyb says:

    wtf dudes. I NEED A PODCAST TO LISTEN TO. freaking out now.

    • Shrk2th says:

      LOL… I thought it was just me. I can’t re-watch an more Sharks games on NHL Network. Well, maybe game 7 vs Detroit.

      Where my dudes at???

  20. Joe579 says:

    I am 23 years old and wtf is this?

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