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post DOH 187 – Moore Aggravation

February 20th, 2012, 8:59 am

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The Sharks continue their road trip with a win against the Caps, but losses to the Lightning, Hurricanes, and Red Wings.  The addition of Dominic Moore is another point of conversation, and Mike and Doug try to gauge the going rate for certain types of players, and whether the Sharks will make further moves.


12 Comments to “DOH 187 – Moore Aggravation”

  1. Cyoor says:

    After considering this week…
    Did the sharks pick the wrong goalie to stay?

  2. Ruben says:

    Man, is this how girls feel when they are PMSing? Because my (and apparently the dudes’) mood swings drastically with only minimal prodding by this team…

    When I sit back and try to be rational, I try to remember that the Wings have lost to Phoenix, Edmonton, Montreal, and the Islanders just in the past two months, Boston has played terrible lately, the Hawks lost 8 straight, and the Rangers are pretty much riding the best season of Henrik Lundqvuist’s career (otherwise, they are the same team they are every year). The Sharks outchanced Detroit and destroyed Carolina, but shit happens. I tend to think that the Sharks underperform their chance totals due to their system (e.g.other than Thornton, you rarely see a pass on a 2 v 1) but I do also think they are a little unlucky.

    Oh yeah, I don’t know how you guys can say Marleau is the most overrated Shark. That almost certainly has to go to Doug Murray, who is given much tougher assignments than he is capable of handling and basically is a human highlight reel (hits for his reel, getting turned inside out on other players’ reel). He isn’t a bad defenseman, but I hope for the development of Braun/Demers to push Murray into the bottom D pair.

  3. Tom says:


    I forgot to send this in for the podcast… 

    I’m with you guys on the logic that players such as Nash and Selanne would just realistically cost too much for the Sharks. However, after the acquisition of Moore, would either of you still support a move for a player like Mike Knuble – a second/third line “tweener”… A player that isn’t gonna break the bank to acquire. 

    The one player I would have preferred from Tampa over Dominic Moore would have been Teddy Purcell, for this very reason. I do like Moore if only for the reason that he’s been able to produce a little secondary scoring in the playoffs. He had a good run with Montreal recently. But, obviously he isn’t going to be the move that makes the Sharks ready for their run, so I can’t believe DW is done dealing. 

    So, like Doug said in the podcast about Tommy Wingels upping his game at the first sight of Dominic Moore, I’d like to see some pressure put on the top six for playing minutes with the acquisition of another forward (preferably a winger) that could realistically play along side our centers if other guys don’t pick it up. 

  4. Paul says:

    I feel like the dudes might be a little brighter this week after L.A.’s trade…

  5. MJ says:

    anyone else embarrassed by the fact that the Sharks are in the third spot in the West with 10 fewer points than the fourth place team?

    • Ian says:

      Yes, this drives me nuts because for a long time the winner of the Southeast division would either make the playoffs by winning their division or miss the playoffs completely and I had no shortage of things to say about it… now the sharks are that team in the west. It’s also annoying because there is a good chance that who ever we meet in the first round will actually be the better team and have a decent chance to upset us, and we can all hear about how we choked when the reality is the 6 seed was the better team. Overall I’m a little apprehensive of our chances this year which is why I have been pretty quiet, I just don’t want to be a downer.

  6. Cyoor says:

    Phoenix will probaby go past the sharks. they are 9-0-1 the last 10 games and have as many points as the sharks. That would mean a 7th spot in the west.

    • Ian says:

      If that’s the case lets hope Detroit stays in 2 because the idea of playing Vancouver scares, Chicago scares me although with their goaltending they scare me less and detroit with home ice should scare me the most but I have to have faith somewhere so down with the wings :-p

    • Tom says:

      Cyoor I’m not worried. For one we have games in hand AND we play the Yotes three more times. A lot will have to go wrong for Phoenix to pass us or for them to win the division.

  7. Tom says:

    So I’m watching this blowout in Pittsburgh and the announcers are talking about how nice it is that Dominic Moore isn’t in the lineup for Tampa any more… He seems to have more of a reputation in the east than I or we realized! 

    Now if he’d just heal up…

  8. Ruben says:

    McGinn and change for Galiardi/Winnick/ a DW special (7th rounder)

    By CORSI, both Galiardi and Winnick are better than McGinn despite each facing tougher competition. Galiardi also would have 11 goals (one less than McGinn) if he was shooting anywhere near his career shooting percentage. Winnick is also one of the best PKers in the league, much different than Handzus whom DW should have foressen the regression.

    I guess the analysis will come down to how much you value advanced stats vs. traditional stats/chemistry/McGinn’s potential (though I would argue that Galiardi has just as much potential as McGinn). Based on that, I’m guessing Mike likes the move and Doug isn’t a fan… either way, looking forward to your guys’ take! Nice to have something to talk about besides that road trip…

  9. Andy C says:

    And Gaustad has gone to a Western Conference rival. The price of a first sounds high, but given that pick is likely to be somewhere in the 20s… My guess is that he isn’t on the ghost roster.

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