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post DOH 205 – Larry Robinson’s Sauna

July 17th, 2012, 9:49 pm

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Still plenty of offseason things to talk about, including the possible trade of Dan Boyle, more Rick Nash, more Shane Doan, and more.


8 Comments to “DOH 205 – Larry Robinson’s Sauna”

  1. Cyoor says:

    I paused the podcast after what you said around 34 min into the podcast.

    And I must say.. This is what we wait for all week, so there is no need to cut it off early!

  2. Tom says:

    Another thing… I seriously doubt NY would take part in that three way deal you proposed. The Rangers would essentially be giving up a package centered around McDonagh and other prospects for just Dan Boyle? I love Dan Boyle, but NY gets raked over the coals on that deal. 

    • hateseed says:

      The Gaborik for Boyle AND package for Nash makes sense for NY, but I agree not the 3-way trade where all they get is Boyle.

  3. Slappy_SEZ says:

    I’ve had “Picklesnake” penciled in @ ‘Top Pair’ . . . since the end of our (one round/5-game) playoff run.

    ‘Boyle 4 Nash’ . . . seems reasonable to me. That trade — makes ‘Doan going to VAN’ . . . a ‘whatever’ type of move.

    I would then put *HAVLAT* on the third line. Where reduced minutes will – hopefully – keep him safe from injury. I don’t care that he’s ‘a wing’. He’ll either LEARN to play Center . . . or some other player will center than line – they could hardly do worse than Handzus.

    The Bluelining Corps then becomes:

    Stuart/Murray or Braun
    Murray or Braun/Demers

    The 7th spot then vacates for The Sharks most ‘NHL ready’ blue-chip’er.

    Good riddance to both Winnik & McGinn

    I’m not sold on Wingles, either. Maybe if Wingles name didn’t sound like ‘Baby-talk’ ©.

    “Nemo” can be THE GUY. He *IS* ‘the guy’, in fact. We just cannot afford to ‘ride him into the ground’, coming down ‘the home stretch’.

  4. Slappy_SEZ says:

    Your point about the Goaltending Coach is a good one.

    Not that it will happen, but I’d *LOVE* to see Arturs Irbe w/ Team Teal once more.

    Perhaps, if he likes what he sees happening in San Jose, he can be coaxed back to Silicon Valley.

  5. bullslugg says:

    DW or TM needs to grow a pair and tell Boyle you will be last option for PK duty, basically putting him out at the end of PK’s to transition to offense. pickles, burns, stuart, murray, demers, braun, all pk before Boyle. Danny is not getting any younger and the laws of nature being what they are will take its toll eventually. Oh I should have started with “BOYLE NEEDS TO STAY”.

  6. Patrick says:

    Well, Winnik to Anaheim for 2 years, $1.8M cap hit. The whole thing continues to be a head-scratcher.

    I like Jamie McGinn way too much to ever root against him, but seeing him blossom for another team is going to be really painful for Sharks fans.

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