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post DOH 214 – The ECHL Is Growing

November 1st, 2012, 9:25 pm

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There is no end in sight to the NHL lockout, but some players are moving to the ECHL.  The Dudes talk about that, where the Worchester Sharks are, and the long term ramifications of the whole mess.


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  1. WingsFanInSharkLand says:

    I don’t know that people are necessarily taking it personally. For me, it comes down to the principals. Two cancelled seasons in less than 10 years is not acceptable. The owners and players are entitled to be as greedy as they want and I’m entitled to spend my money wherever I want. I’m not saying I’m never coming back. I love hockey too much to do that, but what I can do is boycott for a period of time. I personally think that if enough people do this, we can send a message to the players and owners. I personally can not just accept what’s happened in the NHL in the last 7 years without doing something about it. Couple all of this with the constantly rising ticket prices here in SJ and it becomes easier to cancel my tickets.

    I have to think that if we lose another season, it has to be the end for Bettman, no? Sure, it only takes 8 owners to veto a new CBA, but those 8 owners can’t save Gary’s job. I have a hard time believing that more than half of the owners are OK with losing 2 seasons in 7 years under that jackass.

    • Tom says:

      Well said. Very much agreed. I think if the bulk of NHL fans did this it could really have an effect.

      • evilducks says:

        What I can do is not attend games and not buy merch. I have to buy Center Ice or I can’t watch the Sharks, and if I can’t watch the Sharks then I might as well root for the lockout to continue.

        • Ian says:


          I’m in the same boat if the lockout is to be resolved I’m going to have a really tough decision when it comes to Center Ice because like yourself that’s the only way I can watch the Sharks. I know that I can you can usually find a stream online but because of the time difference I really don’t want to bring a lap top to bed with me.

          Like most of you though I don’t plan on buying any NHL swag any time soon, which is too bad because we are lucky enough to cheer for a team that didn’t cause the lockout with stupid contracts and as far as we know don’t have an ownership group that is driving this thing forward. Although the later is speculation at best.

  2. evilducks says:

    Just a side note, the Ontario Reign are affiliated with the LA Kings.

  3. hateseed says:

    The sad part of that quartet during the world series was that literally everyone Det put out there to sing was really utterly terrible. The foursome were just the standout worst of the bunch.

    In contrast, all the artists in SF were amazing, notably the soloist from the SFPD who when he walked up I was kinda thinking “Oh no…” then he killed it. Highlight was the Brian McKnight edition of “God Bless America”, aka the worst song in the world. He reached a couple times, but I mean, dude can sing at least… no one asked those people to even sing it once first? heh.

    Det really dredged the bottom of a barrel for all their singers and it was frankly, an embarrassment.

    • Slappy_SEZ says:

      Fox Sports entire coverage is an black mark on The World Series. The preponderance of advertisements, the inept and often down-right-idiotic commentary of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, the shameless plugging of FOX broadcasting tv shows . . .

      I don’t know why they sing God Bless America anymore. Is it to REMIND everyone about September 11th? Is it to remind us that we are engaged in the loooooongest, most *mindless* war in our country’s history???

      – OR – Is it to indoctrinate our youth, w/ a subliminal message about “the glory of war”??

      All throughout the playoffs . . . Fox trotted out Military service men & women. “Yeah, War.” . . . “War is good, kids.” . . . “Budweiser is good, too. Buy beer, kids.”

      Whatever happen to Take Me Out To The Ballgame?????

      OR has that become the one song they don’t DARE to sing . . . during The World f_cking Series?!

      Did you see that Marine w/ one are and one leg throw out the first pitch (Willie Mays accompanied him)?? They didn’t ask HIM to sing. **Hmm***

      Either way. There were a SHIT-TON of military persons represented at The World Series.

      Thank goodness the ratings were so ‘ho-hum’. It’s still a disgrace.

      P.S. If you think I sound like a NUT — go see what they’re doing to The Rose Bowl Parade. It’s turning more and more into a regular USFO rally.

      • Mike says:

        I, for one, think they should sing this at sporting events instead:

        • WingsFanInSharkLand says:

          You’re damn right, they should.

        • Slappy_SEZ says:

          @Mike – This video represents, quite perfectly, what I heard & saw in amongst all the aforementioned war-drum beating.

          It’s terribly troubling. If we citizens allow this sort of thing to continue; in another couple of years — the pre-game fly-over will be done by a squadron of DRONES.

          [A game which will also be on FOX; as they’ve the exclusive broadcasting rights, for the next SEVERAL seasons.]


  4. Slappy_SEZ says:


    It is sabre-rattling . . . masquerading as “patriotism”.

    I will always object, to a professional sport being *used* to promote War.

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