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post DOH 229 – Trade-Tastic

April 3rd, 2013, 2:30 pm

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The Sharks have made several trades since the last podcast, trading Ryane Clowe away, and getting Scott Hannan and Raffi Torres in three different deals.  The Dudes break it all down on this very eventful trade deadline day.


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  1. jb says:

    Minny paid a pretty high price but they could easily afford to. Kuemper > Hackett and Granlund and Zucker > Larrson. Or at least that is what theyre betting. Pominville will help them greatly I think.

    As for the sharks I like what we’ve done, added some depth in case we actually continue to make a run without paying too big a price and got some more picks for players that weren’t part of the future core.

  2. Evilducks says:

    I will like the trade if they sign Torres for a couple years after this. Assuming he’s reformed his illegal hitting he’s a decent player. I’m not thrilled about losing the 3rd for a rental. I know they rarely pan out, still, time to get some prospect depth.

  3. Eric says:

    I like the Torres trade. He may be an asshole, but now he is our asshole. I hated Pronger and presntly hate Perry, but I have always wanted them on my team. This is Marchment or Fleury or Lemieux. He fits great on this team. We did very well at the trade deadline. We added draft picks while getting better. Not flashy, but a great trade deadline.

    The Sharks will now lose their next ten games. Shit.

    • NVS says:

      Disagree that they got better. They acquired draft picks, which is great, but I don’t see how they are better today by adding Hannan and Torres in place of Clowe, Murray and Handzus.

      • Evilducks says:

        We’re better without Murray and Handzus. Icing them over other players makes the team worse, so nothing is better than having them.

        Clowe is obviously different. He’s a legit top 6 forward and is historically better than Torres. This year (minus tonight’s Rangers game) it’s a bit of a wash between them.

        Hannan is blah. I don’t like adding him and he better never start over a healthy Irwin, Demers or Braun

        I think you can argue we’re better now than we were 2 weeks ago before the trades

  4. Evilducks says:

    Irwin extended for 2 years, 2 mil. (1m cap hit)

  5. Tom says:

    I made up this list in January 2012 and posted it on the Dudes blog here:

    Bottom six forwards with 30+ PO games ranked by ppg.

    Dave Bolland – 43g, 34 pts, 58 PIM (.79 ppg)

    Brooks laich- 37g, 23pts, 20 PIM
    (.62 ppg)

    Maxine Talbot – 66g, 33 pts, 87 PIM (.50 ppg)

    Rich Peverly – 31 g, 14 pts, 17 PIM (.45 ppg)

    Michael Handzus – 73 g, 32 pts, 38 PIM (.44 ppg)

    Raffi Torres – 53g, 22pts, 58PIM
    (.42 ppg)

    Jordan Staal – 67g, 27 pts, 32 PIM (.40 ppg)

    Ruslan Fedetenko – 88 g, 33 pts, 58 PIM (.38 ppg)

    Pascal Dupius – 76 g, 27 pts, 44 PIM (.36 ppg)

    Mayson Raymond – 46g, 15 pts, 14 PIM (.33 ppg)

    Eric Cole – 43 g, 14 pts, 52 PIM (.33 ppg)

    Paul Gaustad – 30g, 8pts, 37 PIM
    (.27 ppg)

    Darren Helm – 57 g, 13 pts, 16 PIM (.23 ppg)

    Maxim LapIerre – 60 g, 12 pts, 118 PIM (.20 ppg)

    Mike Rupp – 43 g, 8 pts, 35 PIM
    (.19 ppg)

    Manny Malhotra – 30g, 2pts, 0 PIM (.07 ppg)

    I haven’t updated it since then. But obviously the point then and now is that Raffi Torres is one of the premier third line players in the playoffs. Exactly the type of guy we need. AND he scores in the playoffs in limited minutes and in a limited role. Which is why I liked him at the time over a guy like Paul Gaustad, who was being discussed on that thread.

    I just hope he still has something left after his NHL lobotomy.

    Super excited to see him in teal!

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