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post Smooth as a Blackhawks’ @#*

January 27th, 2010, 8:18 pm

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Rocking the Nair upstairs is required when punching cabbies in the face.

Patrick Kane shows off what his Quenneville gave him on a classy limo ride in Vancouver with teammates.

It’s the night before the big game vs. the San Jose Sharks, and there’s no doubt the Chicago NudistHawks forward Patrick Kane will be out looking for a good time. In case you haven’t heard, there are some interesting pictures floating around of Kane living the Canadian high life with fellow forwards John Madden and Kris Versteeg on a road trip to Vancouver.

So, I thought it the neighborly thing to do to offer a few suggestions where Mr. Kane might be able to have a few Miller Lites and get his chest quickly manicured.


I'll get the Open Faced Versteeg Sandwich please, hold the giblets.

I'll get the Open Face Versteeg Sandwich please, hold the giblets.

The best place in the South Bay for a hearty helping of stuffed cabbage and a full service manzilian. Patrick Kane and friends are sure to be at home here as they tilt back a few ice cold brews, take in the honeys, and nibble on a giant turkey leg. Don’t drink and drive boys – make sure to call a cabbie, and this time bring the correct change, Mr. Kane.


"Am I a B cup?"

"Am I a B cup?"

Although based on this photo, it looks like the Blackhawks players are fascinated with their own sweater puppies.


Look Mom! No dignity!

Look Mom! No dignity!

At this San Jose landmark, Blackhawks center John Madden can flex his guns while getting the special “jelly filled” chest waxing. I didn’t realize it was required to have a shaved chest to play for an original six team? When will those freshly waxed photos of Bob Gainey emerge? I’m sure Georges Laraque is searching for them as I type.

Just for the record, NudistHawks. Keep your oddly shaved selves out of our locker room. We’ve got our own exhibitionist and he’s proud to be au naturale.