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March 26th, 2010, 10:05 am

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Not to say the Sharks couldn’t immediately fall into another slump starting Saturday in Vancouver, but the play over the last two games has shown to me real promise.  Less east-west drop passes and stickhandling, more north-south drives to the net and grit in the corners.  And although the win last night against Dallas was far from perfect, it’s the general approach to the game that seems the most encouraging.  Less fuss, more effort.  Clowe with a move on Robidas that looked like the dressing-down he gave Ehrhoff a week ago.  Seto going a thousand miles per hour and hitting everything possible.  Nabby challenging shooters.  Steve Ott playing like a cheap-ass.  Nice to see the world is back on its axis.

Certainly the biggest downside of last night’s game was Rob Blake’s early exit.  Sure, we’ve been on him quite a bit lately, but his play the last two games was on par with the best he’s had as a Shark.  Although I still would like to seem him get a couple of fewer minutes, especially since Vlasic is back, it’s hard to argue with his success the last two games.  The question is, can he keep it up?  If he’s a little banged up and needs to sit out a couple of games, that could be a blessing in disguise.  We can certainly use him battling in front of the net and getting the point shots on net like he’s been doing recently.  What we don’t need is him fatigued and looking a bit like the proverbial pylon.

Also nice to see the ice-time has settled out a little, defense-wise.  I was just looking at the Vancouver box score from last week, and Huskins had over 22 minutes of ice time to Wallin’s 14.  Very strange.  But last night, Wallin had 15:08, Huskins 14:18.  That’s more like it.  Although Boyle had almost 30 minutes, with a whopping 7:40 on the PP.  That’s three minutes more than anyone else.

Speaking of Wallin, thanks to Jeremy for creating this YouTube gem.  Make sure to comment and rate.  I’ve watched this at least 5 times already, and laughed out loud every time.  Well done, sir.  It’s no doubt the best video on YouTube that combines Wallin, techno, and food.  [youtube][/youtube]

10 Comments to “The Eagle Has Landed, the Storm Has Lifted, etc.”

  1. Patrick says:

    Ahhh, a new comment thread.

    Did anyone watching on TV last night notice that Randy and Drew were at each other’s throats a little bit? Seemed like they were having a bit of a lovers’ quarrel. Maybe Drew was still mad that Randy called the Minnesota game on Vs. with some other dude.

    • Mike says:

      Didn’t seem so bad to me, but I agree. It could have been Drew justing letting Randy know he’s not all hot $%^! now that he’s on Versus.

    • WingsFanInSharkLand says:

      I noiticed that too.

      And Mike would be ecstatic to know that Drew used the term “active stick” last night. I could be wrong in that it may have been Randy that said it, but I know I heard it.

      Great job on the video, Jeremy.

      • Tom says:

        It seemed like Randy didn’t appreciate Drew calling guys out for supposedly turning into hits along the board. I realize Drew is a bit of a hard ass at times, even though he has gone on record saying he wants fighting out of the NHL game, but I thought calling Marleau essentially a diver was way off too…

        • Evilducks says:

          I actually agreed with him on the Marleau penalty, I thought he was way off base when Couture got drilled in the 3rd, Couture didn’t turn into the hit, he was just racing for the puck.

          Players need to not turn their back to players about to crush them against the boards, it’s a horrible idea.

  2. Doug says:

    This video brings together everything that is right with the world. Amen, Jeremy.

    I totally agree Mike that Blake’s last two games have been like a Hot Tub Time Machine to his prime, or atleast in that ballpark. I hope it’s nothing serious so he can come back and, as one wise man once said, “work hard and don’t complain”.


  3. Tom says:


    what ever happened to the fantasy team name contest??

  4. Evilducks says:

    According to Pollak:

    “Nothing written in stone, but McLellan said he’s leaning toward using Nabby in Saturday’s game. He also said that Jason Demers will be reappearing in San Jose pretty soon for the stretch run. Scott Nichol practiced and will be game-time decision.”

    Now the Nabby thing annoys me, the other two bits are great news.

  5. Ruben says:

    Blake is definitely hurt, if demers is up. Like you guys said, blessing in disguise.

  6. Ruben says:

    Another good game, though no sign of Demers. Staubitz looked lost big time out there. One great thing about splitting up HTML is all of a sudden I feel that any of the top 3 lines could score. Not the excitement every time HTML came out for a shift, but definitely more sustained.

    I thought the VAN was a good confidence test, since they gave up the first goal. Good to see them able to bounce back. And how about that emotion Marleau showed after he scored? Nice to see a little of that.

    DET on fire, I would love to see a PHX-DET matchup. Puck possession vs. Strong blue line defense. Lol, the whole game might be played in the neutral zone!

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