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March 30th, 2012, 9:22 am

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After three good wins, the Sharks manage to lose two critical road games to Anaheim and Phoenix, and they are back out of the playoff picture.  We can go over what they did wrong, how Mike Smith is the second coming of Ken Dryden or whatever, but the fact is this:  if the Sharks can’t beat Dallas and L.A. for the next four games, they don’t deserve to be in the playoffs anyway.  Should they manage to limp in without winning those four games, they will almost certainly get crushed by whomever they face in the first round, playing either St. Louis or Vancouver with no home ice.

2 Comments to “Back to Despair”

  1. Leonard says:

    The best thing about yesterday’s game was Ray Ratto analysis about what Sharks team really is. Cold realization of perception vs reality. Road record and vs Non-playoff team record. It was amusing how Drew tried to defend another gigantic failure of the team. Of course, Drew is on Sharks payroll and he has to defend them no-matter what, but it was very refreshing to listen to honest analysis.
    Standings are not lying. we are number 9 team. best case scenario, a fodder for someone’s easy passing through round one.
    what a shame.
    P.S. in the aftermath, off-season trade with Minnesota managed to sink both teams. and can someone remind me why we traded for Moore?
    P.P.S. the ugliest thing is that half of team, especially likes of Marleau, has no-trade clause so not much can be done in the off-season either.

  2. Shrk2th says:

    I know that this sounds like the PC response. But I think both make good points.

    Ray Ratto is right: The Sharks must find ways to win, period. Especially with this line up. Two points is all that matters. The Coyotes wasn’t even picked to make the post season. And Dallas is challenging SJ with the lowest payroll in the league. Huh?

    And Drew wasn’t wrong by saying that these guys are trying. They are. And Drew likely knows who is playing through injuries. Remenda just responded how an emotional and protective Sharks fan would. And if he was in the same room as Ratto, he might have thrown down.

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