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post DOH 232 – Playoffs Guaranteed

April 24th, 2013, 9:46 pm

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The Sharks failed to clinch a playoff berth with a disappointing late giveaway against Columbus, but sewed up a spot the next game in an exciting win against Dallas.  The Dudes talk the possible and likely 1st round opponent for the Sharks and tell the feel-good Dude story of the year involving Mr. Dan Boyle.



10 Comments to “DOH 232 – Playoffs Guaranteed”

  1. Slappy_SEZ says:

    LA & SJ will be playing for Playoff Home-Ice this Saturday.

    That’s MY prediction.

    Boyle has the correct attitude. It’s called “The Second Season” for a reason. Anything can and does happen in the NHL Playoffs. I would *relish* the chance to get-even w/ The Blues. Whom BTW – not that many years ago – were NO MATCH for The Sharks . . . in Round 1 of the post-season.

  2. mattcaffeine says:

    Awesome news about you guys meeting Boyle!

    I have to say, that after seeing the Dallas game at the Tank on Tuesday, I’ve come around on Torres. Up until the big 3rd period, when everyone seemed to wake up at once, he was the best player on the ice. Pains me to admit it, but he’s huge out there. This respect comes with the firm condition that he doesn’t do something stupid, and keeps it clean.

  3. Jason says:

    How cool is Dan Boyle?

  4. Eric says:

    Do the Sharks throw the game tomorrow night? Then we get Vancouver and definitely avoid the Blues who are a terrible matchup. If we win, we could still be on the road and play the Blues — seems like the shittiest option.

    • Patrick says:

      I agree that VAN is a better matchup than STL, but looking at the big picture I think it’s more important to avoid Chicago for as long as possible. In the 4/5 spot I think it’s pretty likely that the Ducks or Canucks lose in the first and whoever knocks them off is stuck with Chicago. Then you get Vancouver or Anaheim in the second round.

      I’d way rather go STL –> VAN or ANA than go VAN –> CHI.

      • hateseed says:

        they re-bracket after the first round i thought?

        • hateseed says:

          either way we are praying for someone to beat the ducks and get stuck with chi. We want to avoid away @ St Louis, which is most easily achieved by losing to LA on sat. If we win against LA, we play the Blues at home.

          • Patrick says:

            Right, I’m just thinking that in the 4/5 spot you have two chances for an upset below you, so you avoid the Hawks if the Ducks or Canucks lose. In the 3/6 matchup your options are cut in half: the Ducks have to lose or else you’re at Chicago in round 2.

            Ultimately it probably doesn’t matter much. To win the Cup you’re going to have to go through 4 good teams. Avoiding Chicago for an extra round is just delaying the inevitable.

  5. Cyoor says:

    St Louis will probably lose against cicago, so wouldn’t an ot win against LA let us play them in the first round?

    • Slappy_SEZ says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised in an OT Sharks victory . . . is how Saturday’s Showdown in L.A. plays out.

      Though the easy travel would make LAK a preferable opponent – IMO – I do not know whom between they & STL receives The 5th Playoff Slot – IF they end tied for points.

      It just might come down to a coin-flip, for all I know.

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